Worst Reasons to Take Online Loans

Applying for a loan is a one of the most accessible way to borrow the money you are running short of. However, opting for a loan might not be benefiting for you always in the long run. Therefore, before you apply for a loan you should be careful about how you will be using it and if you will be able to repay it back on time. Depending on whether you need a loan to make investment, save money for future or deal with urgent requirements, you can choose short term or long term loan solutions. However, there are several reasons to pause before you even consider applying for a loan. Some of the worst reasons to take a loan online are-

To Go On A Vacation

Online loans are undoubtedly very popular these days. Instead of visiting your bank and submitting multiple documents to process your vacation loan application, you can simply open your laptop, visit the lender’s website and apply for a loan online in just a matter of few minutes. Easy and quick application formalities will make it absolutely easy to qualify for a loan online. Though there is nothing wrong with going on a family holiday, it can be an absolutely wrong decision if you have applied for a holiday loan that you are unable to pay back. If you earn monthly income that is enough just to pay for your basic requirements such as transportation, accommodation, food and other basic utilities then applying for a loan could be damaging. Never borrow money that you cannot afford to repay. Instead, try cutting unnecessary expenses and save as much as possible and then schedule your trip.


If you are lucky you can surely get your money doubled or tripled. But you are likely to be more at risk of losing than winning. You may end up losing everything you had in your pocket. Therefore, you should never apply for an online loan to pay for your gambling habits. Applying for a loan for such purpose could get you into serious debts. The best solution for you would be to quit such habits and only apply for a loan online to deal with other important expenses.

To Throw A Party

Be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary, all important events of your life are worth celebrating. But it is not necessary to borrow money so that you can throw a big party. There is nothing wrong if you wish to plan a grand celebration. But you need to make sure you have enough finance to cover for all the expenses. Applying for a loan just to throw a party could end you up in serious debts. So, be more focused about the togetherness that such special days and celebration brings instead of having a grand party.

Non-Essential Purchases

There is some latest gadget available in the market and you want it, so you apply for a loan as your budget does not allow it. Being trendy nowadays is necessary, but borrowing money to cover such non-essential purchases is going to hurt your financial standing. You may have the latest gadget you need but going off budget could land you up in debts. So, it is recommended never to take an online loan to finance such unnecessary purchases.

Borrowing A Loan On Behalf Of Someone Else

One of your close friend or family member may be in need of money and may ask for your help as they may be unable to complete the requirements asked by the loan provider. You may decide to help and so apply for a loan on behalf of that friend or family member. But what if he or she fails to repay back the loan and run away? You will be stuck with a loan that you have neither applied nor used for your own needs and you have no other choice left but to repay it back.