Tips To Save Money While Traveling

Travelling can be fun; it can be expensive as well. But with some strategy you can easily bring down the cost. Below we have compiled some of the tips that will help you to save on your next vacation. Some of the tips are for how to save money while you are planning for your travelling and some are about how you can cut cost once you have reached your destination. Following these tips will allow you to travel more without breaking the bank.


• Being flexible with your travel days is one of the best ways to get cheaper deals. Most of the hotel deals are based on demand and supply. So, planning your vacation ahead of after the peak holiday season will help you save a lot on flights and hotels.

• Planning your holiday in advance will give you enough time to check out the various airfare deals and choose the best one. There are several website where you can go through the different airlines before you book a trip.

• Connecting flights may seem time consuming but at times they save you good amount of money.

• Avoid oversized bags and travel light. Most airlines today charges extra when you carry additional weight beyond the permitted free allowance. Therefore, try to carry one bag per person.

• Consider round trip tickets if you know the extract dates. At times booking round trip ticket is much cheaper than one way ticket.


• Planning your meals before you go out will be good for your stomach as well as for your wallet.

• If your situation allows, you can prefer cooking while on vacation. It can be fun and cheaper too.

• Not all hotel offers cost free breakfast. So, instead of the having expensive breakfast, find local café and enjoy some local favorite.

• Fancy dinners can be more expensive than lunch. So, you can eat more at lunch and a light dinner.


• Be specific when renting a car. Avoid renting a car if your pickup and drop off locations are in different states or country.

• Check the car rental coverage and take advantage of it.

• Choose the right size of the car depending on whether you are traveling alone or with family. If you are travelling alone choosing a small car will save you from paying for the extra gas that a bigger car needs.

• If you are traveling with kids, check with the car rental company if they provide children car seats. Carrying the car seat along with your luggage can be a costly affair.

• Be aware about the car rental advertisements where they fill the gas tank up for you. They might charge you extra when you bring the car back.

• Check for coupon codes by the car rental companies. You can search the Internet to find them and save on your car rental.


• Depending on in which country you are travelling you can research on multi-trip discounts. In many countries many train and metro services offer unlimited travel passes that might be worth the cost.

• Consider travelling at night and you can save a lot on accommodation.

• If the distance is short, you can take the bus instead of flying.

• Avoid taxi and take the subway or local buses. It will be much easier and cheaper.


• Do not forget to consider the exchange rate if you are traveling to a different country. At times this can make a huge difference.

• Before exchanging cash, check the rates. Search and find a good place to exchange cash in the local currency.


• Most of the times, you can find cheaper accommodation in smaller towns nearby to where you are actually travelling. So, if you are okay with travelling a few miles to reach your destination then staying in a town nearby can be save you a lot.

• You can always ask the hotel to provide free upgrades.

• Consider a vacation home instead of hotels if you are going to stay at a destination for longer. They are much more comfortable and cheaper.

Other Alternatives

• Take the advantage of duty free shops at the airport. Do not forget about the possible tax refunds.

• Before planning you vacation, make a list of the tourist spots you are travelling. Not all places may be interesting to go to. Making a list of the places to visit beforehand will make your vacation less hectic and organized.