How To Save Money On Clothes Shopping

Clothes shopping are fun, but they can be very expensive. It can empty your wallet. But how about saving while shopping for clothes? Sounds great right? Here are a few ways that will let you save money when you are shopping and also make the most of what you already own.

Try Buying Generic Basics

When buying cloths that you are mostly going to wear under other cloths, such as plain tees and tank tops do not bother buying them from expensive brands. No one can see them and they are not going to last long. So stick to basic brands and save the money for stuffs that you can actually show off.

Shop During Off Season

Buying clothes pre-season will let you save a lot of money. Shopping off-season is one of the best tried and true methods for finding great deals at half the price. Definitely it will take your willingness as well as planning to do a little stockpiling.

Do Not Go After Cheap Stuffs Always

It is true that cheap stuffs are going to cost you more in the long run. For instance you need a swimwear for you next vacation and you get an inexpensive one. Your swimwear is going to stretch and sag and sheer over time and you will soon need a new one again. So, instead you should invest on a well made swimsuit that is going to last.

Avoid Factory Outlets

In most of the factory outlets you will find items from previous season that did not sell, usually for reasons such as poor fit, unflattering color, unnoticeable defect, and so on. You are likely to get such items at half the price but you may have compromise with the quality. In the long run, purchasing such items is not going to help you save money.

Go Easy On Trends

All fast fashion trends have their moments. Once the moment gets over, it will either sit on your closet or given away for charity. So, even if you have found some cheap ultra-trendy items from a brand store, think before buying it. Buying such latest trends often and then not wearing them for long can be a waste of money. Instead, stop falling for such fast fashion, and buy cloths that genuinely fits with your style.

Try Some DIY

By DIY it does not mean you have to make your own clothes. Instead you can simply learn some basic sewing techniques and add a new life to your old clothes. Getting a new shirt just because you are unable or unwilling to replace a popped button could be money draining. By learning some simple stitches and tricks you can easily get your clothes repaired.

Use Coupon Apps

There are tons of coupon apps today that will help you save money on your clothes shopping. You can also find various location based apps that will let you search for coupons at stores nearby you.

Check For The Dry-Clean Only Tag

Beware about the tags on clothes that says dry-clean only. If every time you wear something and it needs to be dry-cleaned you will end up paying more than what it has actually cost you in the long run. So, go for cloths that look as well as feel good and can be easily hand or machine washed at home.

Buy What You Are Actually Going To Wear And You Can Afford To Pay For

One of the best ways to save on your clothes shopping is to always buy what you need and afford. The best way to stay within your budget is to buy clothes with cash. Even if you are using a card make sure you can pay off the entire balance when it is due. Paying interest on your clothes shopping means you are paying more.

Store With Care And Extend The Life Of Your Clothes

Taking decent care of your clothes will not only extend their life but also help you save money. So, take out some time and store your clothes with care so that they last longer.

Get Rid Of The Clothes You Don’t Wear

There are several fashion resale sites where you can sell the clothes that you do not wear or does not fit you any longer. Getting rid of such stuffs will help you make some extra money and create space in your closet.