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We at One Hour Payday Loans are very quick and prompt in fetching tailored cash solutions. We process the loan request fast and will inform you about its status in no time. You do not even have to visit us at our office even once to get the loan application approved. Apply Now!

Bank statements is mandatory for loan approval! Please keep bank statements ready for fast loan processing!

Associated Fees:

At One Hour Payday Loans, we help you to connect with the lender that can provide the required financial support to meet some urgency financial commitment. Thus, we are not able to provide the exact details regarding the Associated Fees charged by the lender on the successful loan contract. Lender determines the charges in accordance to Australian Government Regulations and provides you the necessary details upfront. It will differ from one lender to another so it is must to consider all the associated fees beforehand to ensure you are aware of all the terms prior entering into any contract.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

One Hour Payday Loans is not a loan provider and don't offer the loan. This is the reason, we are unable to provide the exact Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that will charge by the lender if you are approved. APRs may vary from lender to lender as per their individual policy and the information provided by you in the loan request. You will be provided the information regarding APR and other associated terms by your lender when you are provided with the loan agreement in the lending process. Keep in mind that APR do not disclose the true cost of the loan thus it is wise to check the total repayment amount to understand the finances charges and take the wise decision.

Renewal Policy:

Most of the lenders in our panel consider renewing or refinancing your loan but it totally varies as per their individual policy. It is notable that some of the lenders automatically renew the loan deal if it became past due. So, you should check your agreement beforehand regarding renewal policy. If your loan is renewed then there would be additional charges according to the agreement that is disclosed to you upfront. Your lender may offer you additional option in renewal agreement regarding repayment in full or through installments that suits your repaying ability.

Implications Of Non-Payment:

Financial Implications

Contact your lender as soon as you fail to make repayment on the due date. Each lender has their own policy regarding non payment fees. Your selected lender will impose the set non payment fee according to the state regulation and their policy. Please review your agreement carefully regarding financial implications of non-payment before you sign it.

Impact on Credit Score/History

Non payment of debt may negatively affect your credit rating as some lender inform about the lending activities to the national credit reporting agencies. This can also decrease your chances to get loan approval in future.

Collection Practices:

One Hour Payday Loans is not the lender and is not involved in the debt collection practice. In case your payment is late or missed than contact your individual lender immediately. In case, your payment is missed and you didn't contact lender than it is possible that your loan subject to collection. Each lender has their different collection practice regarding outstanding debts. It is important that you discuss the process directly with the lender. It is notable that collection practices of lenders and/or any assignee(s) will be according to the regulation applicable in your province or as per regulations.